Iowa House of Representatives

Twelve of the 59 Iowa House Republicans and four of the chamber’s 41 Democrats are not seeking another term in the lower chamber. These retirements bring a challenging map in 2018 in the chamber that introduced several gun control bills in the last General Assembly. The House will be an IFC focus as it is critical that we maintain our Pro-Second Amendment majority in the Iowa House.

Priority races are the focused areas where IFC-PAC will be targeting in the 2018 races. Priority races are determined by our own electioneering processes, past election results, and significance of the outcome. 

Our endorsements are based on a number of factors, including grades issued by the Iowa Firearms Coalition and other credible gun rights organizations. We also take into consideration the candidate’s public record of votes and statements, their fundraising for this year’s election, and the viability of their campaign. All endorsement recommendations are reviewed and approved by our board. Endorsements are current, but not complete as we continue to talk to candidates and evaluate endorsements. 

Priority Races:

District 57: ( Dubuque Area) Shannon Lundgren 

District 15: (Council Bluffs-Carter Lake) Leann Hughes

District 47: (Greene and Boone County) Phil Thompson



Complete List of Endorsements

(Endorsed candidates in Bold)

District 1:

  • (R) John Wills
  • (D) Karen Larson

District 4:

  • (R) Skyler Wheeler

District 8:

  • (R) Terry Baxter
  • (D) Connie Price

District 15:

District 17:

District 18:

  • (R) Steven Holt 

District 21:

  • (R) Tom Moore 
  • (D) Denise O' Brien

District 22:

District 25: 

  • (R) Stan Gustafson
  • (D) Ryan Marquardt

District 39:

  • (R) Jake Highfill
  • (D) Karin Derry

District 42:

  • (R) Peter Cownie
  • (D) Kristin Sunde

District 47:

District 57:

District 94:

  • (R) Gary Mohr
  • (D) Joan Marttila



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