Iowa Senate

Three Iowa State Senators have announced retirement and the map is slightly more favorable in 2018. Flipping the Senate was a huge achievement for us in 2016 and we cannot let it go now. That is why it is critical that we maintain our Pro-Second Amendment majority in the Iowa Senate.

Priority races are the focused areas where IFC-PAC will be targeting in the 2018 races. Priority races are determined by our own electioneering processes, past election results, and significance of the outcome. 

Our endorsements are based on a number of factors, including grades issued by the Iowa Firearms Coalition and other credible gun rights organizations. We also take into consideration the candidate’s public record of votes and statements, their fundraising for this year’s election, and the viability of their campaign. All endorsement recommendations are reviewed and approved by our board. Endorsements are current, but not complete as we continue to talk to candidates and evaluate endorsements. 


Priority Races

District 19: (Ankeny area) Jack Whitver (Incumbent) 

District 19 is a priority race to help IFC-PAC endorsed Jack Whitver hold his seat against the former Iowa Moms Demand Chapter Leader Amber Gustafson. Jack Whitver has been a reliable advocate of our cause and is being challenged by the leader of the Anti Second Amendment movement in Iowa. Amber Gustafson would provide a voice in the Iowa Senate for outspoken gun grabbers like Michael Bloomberg, Shannon Watts, and Gabby Giffords. She has been silent on what kind of gun-control she would propose, but the fact that she invited gun confiscation advocate San Francisco Rep. Eric Swalwell to Iowa to speak at her campaign fundraiser, we can only assume the worst. 

District 41: (Southeast Iowa) Dr. Mariannette Miller-Meeks

District 41 was decided by ten votes just two cycles ago and is always a close race. Holding this seat with a pro-Second Amendment Senator is vital to keep gun-control bills off the floor of the Iowa Senate. 


District 49: (Eastern Iowa) Chris Cournoyer 

District 49 presents an opportunity to flip a district that has always been working against us under Lieutenant Governor candidate Rita Hart. Mrs. Cournoyer is an amazing candidate that has potential to have a tremendously positive impact on the Iowa Senate. 

Complete List of Endorsements 

(Endorsed candidates in Bold)

District 9:

  • (R) Jason Schultz


District 13:


District 19:


District 27:


District 41:


District 47:


District 49:




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