Jack Whitver


District 19

Endorsement: Jack Whitver

Our take: Jack Whitver took over the last session as the Senate Majority Leader and has done a great job leading his party and the best interests of gun owners in the state of Iowa. He is a reliable pro-2A vote and without question the only qualified candidate in this race. His opponent has a long resume of championing gun-control as the Chapter Leader of Moms Demand Action during the most expansive period of gun rights in Iowa history. This race is a priority Senate race for IFC and a must win to block his opponent's efforts to chip away at the Second Amendment rights of every Iowan. 

Website: http://www.jackwhitver.com/

If you are interested in supporting Jack, hosting a candidate, working the phones, door-knocking, or helping where possible then email us at info@iowafc.org