District 26

District 26

Endorsement: Rebel Snodgrass

Hometown: Indianola, IA

Our take: Rebel is a small business owner in Indianola who has been very active in Iowa politics and supportive of the Iowa Firearms Coalition for years. Rep. Ourth broke his streak of supporting the Second Amendment in Iowa when he voted no on the Freedom Amendment in 2018. This vote shined some daylight between Rep. Ourth and his challenger, Rebel Snodgrass. We are confident that Rebel will represent the cause of freedom and the people of IFC in the Iowa House. 




IFC: What is your motivation for running for the Iowa House?

Rebel: I have the time to provide representation for our district that is currently nonexistent. The incumbent doesn't represent our Midwestern values, and I want to change that.


IFC: What would be your priority issues as a Representative of District 26?

Rebel: The conservative is always strong in me. I'm a lifetime IFC and NRA member. I've been active in the Second Amendment fight for a long time as a hunter and outdoorsman. I get frustrated when the left is distorting mental health issues and twisting the gun issue. Mental health is also an important issue to me because it is so important to our society. I'm a pro-life candidate and a Deacon in my church. Being a businessman and a conservative, I would also have to say that I am focused on balancing the budget and lowering the tax burden of Iowans. 


IFC: Where do you stand on upcoming challenges regarding the Second Amendment in the Iowa House?

Rebel: I was fighting to get the right to keep and bear arms in the Iowa Constitution twenty years ago. This to me, would be absolutely the crown jewel of my life to be there when that piece of legislation is signed. 


IFC: What do you see happening if we lose a Pro-Second Amendment Majority or if we hold it?

Rebel: I am confident we will hold the majority and be toasting with champagne in 2020 as we continue to push and get the Freedom Amendment passed. Should we lose the majority, obviously anything pro-gun will be stalled, and we will be fighting off gun-control. Scott Ourth is on record with the NRA/ILA on May 24, 2016, saying that "he didn't like to vote against the Second Amendment, but he feels like he has to because the party will push him." I think the simple answer there is that gun control and gun rights will hinge on November 6th. 


Website: www.rebelforiowa.com

Let us know if you would like to host Rebel, door-knock, make phone calls, or help out in some other way at info@iowafc.org