Volunteering to help elect pro-Second Amendment lawmakers can take many forms. Whether it’s door knocking, phone calling, or simply writing a letter to your local newspaper, taking an active role in the fight to protect and enhance the Second Amendment in Iowa is extremely rewarding work.

Finally, consider this: IFC PAC is focused primarily on state level races, specifically the Iowa House, Senate, and Governor’s Races. These races for those we support are very different than the big, mega million dollar federal races most people think of. Often times the candidate and maybe one other volunteer are the ones doing all the work. They’re door knocking, and phone calling, and doing everything. They’re constantly short staffed and operating on a shoe-string budget. If even a handful of volunteers come along and spend just a few hours helping them out, that puts pro-gun owner candidates way ahead of the competition.

Our competition isn’t alike.  Michael “Nanny” Bloomberg routinely sinks millions into Iowa from his mansion in New York to change our futures.  He pledged $5,000,000.00 in the last cycle to flip Iowa.

In summary, it takes more than just a smile and handshake to keep a pro-2A majority voting group of legislators in office.  We need your help!

If you’re ready to do your part, please join us and sign up below.

I'm ready to fight back against New York values and outside money, and volunteer to build and protect a safer liberty-minded Iowa.